I found this amazing Frozen-inspired typography from Kustren on Deviant Art and created a style with ice and snow in Gimp.  It turned out really good so I thought I better have some Christmas spirit and share this file with all my followers!
There is a PNG file- transparent background and a JPG file with a white background along with the preview and my terms of use in the download.  My terms of use are very simple.  Don't share my stuff- you can share the link to my BLOG post (just go to the address/URL bar at the top of the screen to grab that) at anytime, though!
This file measures at 2550x3300 and is 300 DPI.
and please leave a comment if you like this freebie, LIKE my Facebook page, FOLLOW on Twitter and keep up with my parenting blog HERE!


CU Ocean Wave Freebie

Summer always seems to go so fast.  You never get enough time to do everything you want to do!
My kids favorite thing is swimming.  We've never been to the ocean since we're stuck in the middle of Iowa, but it's fun to pretend the girls and I are mermaids from the deep sea.
I line drew some waves and thought this would be great to offer to others for a page border, signature tags, etc.  It is a PNG and you can layer it to create more waves... Commercial use ok, attribution required if published in any way.  Please read the TOU in the download.
I hope you find it helpful in some of your projects.  Click the preview to download and send others here to this blog post to pick up their own copy. Leave me a comment!  The more comments I get on something helps me know what my audience likes best!
If  you have any questions you can email me.


Happy 4th of July!!! Firecracker Kit Freebie

Happy 4th of July!  I made a tagger kit 2 years ago to help celebrate this holiday and to match a tube called Miami by FourXDesigns.

 Go check out my tag tutorial using this kit and that tube HERE.

This scrap kit is for PERSONAL USE ONLY.
There are 10 papers and 40 elements.
I think you'll love playing with it!
You can download it HERE.
If you download, take a second and leave some comment love!!!
DO NOT SHARE.  Send others here to this post to download it themselves.
Don't forget to send me the designs you've made with my creations, either!  I'd love to see them! You can email anytime!


Ink Masterz Tag Tutorial

Hello again!  I got this awesome kit from Creative Scraps by Crys called Ink Masterz and I'm sharing a Gimp tagger scrapkit tag tutorial with you today! 
There's a few snags for you after the tutorial, do not change or add to them whatsoever but feel free to use them in your groups, forums etc.!
Ok, to start on this tag, you'll want the following:
PTU Tagger kit "Ink Masterz" by Creative Scraps by Crys HERE
I'm using an exclusive tube that I purchased from Scraps and the City (no longer open) by Celinart Pinup. This tube is not available in her store at this time, however you can use any tube of your choice.  
I used 2 masks, they are freebies!  You want to grab Dee's Designs "DD_NM_5.jpg" mask, it's in assorted masks 13-18 HERE & hop over to the Creative Misfits for Jenny's "GrungeMask7byJenny.jpg" mask HERE.
Open Gimp.  Go to FILE>NEW and enter 800 into both width and height.  Click OK.
With your folder open on your desktop of the scrapkit, click and drag these papers into the canvas:
Right click on the each of the paper layers inside the layers box and choose ADD ALPHA CHANNEL.
Then with the mask folders open, click and drag both the masks into the canvas...  right click on DD mask and SCALE LAYER to 900x900.  Right click on both masks and ADD ALPHA CHANNEL.  Click the invisible layer check box (looks like an eye) in the layers box for paper 13.  Now, while DD mask is selected in the layers box, go to COLORS>INVERT then to LAYER>TRANSPARENCY>COLOR TO ALPHA and hit OK.  Repeat these steps with Jenny's mask.  Your layers box should look like this-
We are going to change the papers into the masks.  So right click on the layers box on DD mask and choose ALPHA TO SELECTION, then click on the paper 5 layer in the layers box to activate the layer and go to EDIT>INVERT and EDIT>CLEAR.  Paper 5 is now the DD mask so you can delete the DD mask layer.  Now, with Jenny's mask you want to duplicate it and place kitty corner left top right bottom, middles together.  Right click on the copy and choose MERGE DOWN to make it one mask.  Then repeat the step above making paper 16 the mask.  When you have this done, your layers box should look like this-
Now you can click the invisible check box for paper 13 and make it visible again.  You can also delete the white background layer at this time... Add your tube of choice in.  Do not forget to add the artists name, site and license number when applicable.  
On the close-up of the tube I went to COLORS>DESATURATE and chose average, OK.  Then go to FILTERS>ARTISTIC.SOFT GLOW with presets, hit OK.
Drag and drop the following elements from the kit folder into the canvas (the first 5 go under the full tube layer, rest go on top):
Frame 3
57- duplicate and flip copy
18- rotate 18 degrees and flip
12- flip
Scale all down and place accordingly.  Using the ellipse select tool, create a circle just beyond the inner boundaries of the frame and while the paper 13 layer is active, go to SELECT>INVERT and EDIT>CLEAR.  Make sure you also get the tube edges deleted, and only leave what is inside the frame.
Then on every single element (as well as frame and full body tube), go to FILTERS>LIGHT & SHADOW>DROP SHADOW with settings at 3/3/6, hit OK.
I used a font called Just Wait & See in black. Right click on this layer in the layers box and choose ALPHA TO SELECTION then add a new transparent layer.  Go to SELECT>GROW by 1 and fill the new layer you just added with white.  Again, right click and choose ALPHA TO SELECTION and grow by 2, add another transparent layer and use the color picker to choose a pink and blue shade.  With the gradient tool, starting at the bottom of the text and drag upwards to the top of the text and release.  
Add a drop shadow to the text with same settings you previously had.
Save as .xcf so you can come back through and make changes layer by layer if need be.  When you're happy with your tag save as .png!

And here's your extras!  Hope you enjoyed my tut!  Leave me some love if you snag! Just right click and save.



At The Doctor's Gimp Tag Tut and Cluster Freebie

Hi everyone!  Here with a new tutorial using a sweet doctor themed scrapkit by Creative Scraps by Crys!   I think it turned out awesome!  At the end of the tut, I'm leaving a FREEBIE cluster that I made with the kit for you to use for your personal signature tags!
If you want to make this tag:
Go get the PTU kit called At the Doctor's by Creative Scraps by Crys HERE.  This kit comes both in full size and tagger size and is really a cute, colorful kit!

Use your tube of choice... I had to go check out the sale at and wound up with this HOT psych nurse psp tube.  You need a license to use art by Ismael Rac.
I also used 2 masks from Rocked by Rachel, grab those HERE.
Ok, so open Gimp and go to FILE>NEW, enter 900 in both height and width, click OK.
With your folder open on your desktop of all the goodies within the kit, click and drag the following ELEMENTS into your new canvas:
59- duplicate & flip copy
61- duplicate and flip copy
Scale and arrange all appropriately.  Delete white "Background" layer from layers box.
Drag and drop your tube into canvas.  This tube pin-up comes with a close up and a full body, so I used both.  It's also smart at this point to add in all copyright info including name of artist, site and license number when applicable.
Next, we're going to "thread" the button- Element 72 with Element 70.  Right click on Element 70 and choose ALPHA TO SELECTION.  This will make the perimeter of the selected element blink, or look like marching ants.  Click on Element 72 in the layers box to highlight it as the active layer and get the ERASER tool from the toolbox then carefully erase the "thread" in the middle of the button.  SELECT>NONE.
See tutorial pic below on how to do so.
We're going to add masks now to the background.  So drag and drop PAPER 7 into the canvas.  Right click on it in the layers box and choose ADD ALPHA CHANNEL.  Duplicate the paper layer so you have one copy.  Next, drag and drop RR_MaskSet_1_1 and RR_MaskSet_1_4.  You will need to perform the following steps per mask selected:
Right click in layers box, ADD ALPHA CHANNEL
The mask should appear black with a transparent background (see tutorial pic below- in layers box).  Right click, ALPHA TO SELECTION then click on the copy of Paper 7 in layers box to activate it, SELECT>INVERT and EDIT>CLEAR.  The Paper 7 copy is now your first mask, so you can click the little eye icon next to the RR_MaskSet_1_4 layer to make it invisible, or just delete that layer. Repeat with other mask and arrange on bottom left of tag. 
Next, you need to trim up the excess tube that sticks out below.  Click on the tube layer in the layers box to activate that layer (see how it's highlighted grey?  That means it's the active layer) and go over to the toolbox and choose RECTANGLE SELECT TOOL.  Create a rectangle covering the area of the tube that needs to be cut.  Then go to EDIT>CLEAR.  SELECT>NONE. 

With the close up tube, I went to COLORS>DESATURATE then moved the OPACITY slider at the top of the layers box to 42%.
Add a drop shadow to every single layer EXCEPT the "thread" Element 70, close up tube and masks. Go to FILTERS>LIGHT & SHADOW>DROP SHADOW with settings at 2/2/2, click OK.
Then you want to add in your personalization, tag name, etc.  I used a font called Indie Flower in a dark red shade sized at 68 pixels.  Right click ALPHA TO SELECTION, SELECT>GROW by 2 OK, add a new transparent layer, fill the selection with white.  SELECT>NONE.  Add a drop shadow to this as well with same settings as before. 
Go up to FILE>SAVE AS with file extension .xcf so you can go back in layer by layer to make changes if need be.  When satisfied, save as .png
Thanks for checking out my tutorial!
And here's the cluster!  Personal use only!  Right click and save and leave me a comment if you do! I love comments and always want to know if you like my shares!  I'd also love to see what you create using my tutorials!


Ismael Rac Computer Screen Background!

I made a computer screen background with my Beach Party kit and wanted to share it with everyone.  I also used some hot tubes from Ismael Rac You must have a license to use art by Ismael Rac. You can get the tube, kit and license all at 

Click and it'll open in a new window that you can right click and save.
Do not share, send others here to my blog for their own copy please.  
Thanks for looking :) xoxox


#DisneySide Frozen Party Printables

 What do you think my sweet little girl wanted for her 5th birthday?  She wanted a Frozen themed party, of course.  I was lucky enough to be able to host a #DisneySide @ Home Celebration and am blogging about that on my parenting blog- Latched On Mom.   Disney Parks, MomSelect and BSM Media gifted us a box full of Disney goodies to share my thoughts and experiences.  So I had to incorporate Frozen into it all and ended up making a few Frozen Party Printables.
You can download a copy of these Frozen Party Printables by clicking on the preview above.  They are PERSONAL USE ONLY and by downloading, YOU AGREE TO MY TERMS OF USE.
There's an 8.5x11 inches sheet of bottle labels that say Melted Ice, and two table placement cards that when placed together also measure 8.5x11 inches.  I also have a blank card for you to use for name cards or for whatever your #DisneySide desires!  These cards really helped complete our party! 
If you like this freebie, leave me some comment love!


Minecraft Inspired Birthday Invitations

12 years ago, today, I became a mother.  It's an exciting day!  My son has become quite fond of the Minecraft game and has taught me a little about it.  It's interesting and popular. He told me he wanted his birthday invites to look like Minecraft, so I designed some simple invitations in Gimp and thought it'd be nice to offer them to my readers too!  
There are 10 invites total, ready for you to fill out with all your celebration details!  From 6th birthday to 14th birthday as well as one blank card (as shown in preview above).  
If you like this, please share my post on Twitter or Pinterest or Facebook!  I appreciate it!
You can read the full TOU in the downloadable file.  You may not redistribute my creations.  Just share my blog link so others can get their copy.  
Leave a comment to let me know if you like this :)

Frostie Flurry Fun Gimp Tag Tutorial & Facebook Cover Freebie

For this tag, you'll want the PTU tagger size kit called Flurry of Fun by Creative Scraps by Crys. 
It's adorable, right?
I got it at Mystical Scraps.  You can purchase it HERE
Tube of Choice.... I'm using the PTU tube called Frostie by Creative Tubes by Crys HERE.  You need to have a license granted to you in order to use this tube.
Grab the FTU mask #435 by Vix HERE!  Grab the FTU mask #36 by Rachel HERE!
I use Gimp 2.8 but you can use any version or convert this tutorial pretty easily to your digital editing program of choice.
1. FILE>NEW 800x800 pixels, hit OK.  Drag and drop the following Papers and Frame from your kit folder into the canvas:
Paper 8 (R click- ADD ALPHA CHANNEL)
Paper 10- scale to 600x600 (R click- ADD ALPHA CHANNEL)
Frame 3
2. Using the rectangle select, place a rectangle in the frame as shown in screenshot below. 
Move Paper 10 over and while it's selected in layers box, go to LAYER>CROP TO SELECTION then SELECT>NONE.  Add a drop shadow to the frame by going to FILTERS>LIGHT&SHADOW>DROP SHADOW with settings at 2/2/15 (as shown in screenshot below).
3.  Drag and drop the tube of choice in.  Do not forget to add the correct copyright information. Artist's name, website and license number, when applicable should be clearly visible.  Right click on tube in layers box and choose SCALE LAYER, 351x737. Add drop shadow as you did in prior step with same settings to the tube. Merge tube with shadow by R clicking MERGE DOWN.
Next, R click on the frame and choose MERGE DOWN with shadow and once again, MERGE DOWN with Paper 10.  Duplicate this layer by clicking the icon in the layers box as shown in screenshot below.
Then go over to your toolbox and click on the Flip Tool once and then click on the frame duplicate within the canvas.  Move one to right side, and move tube in between. R click, MERGE DOWN frames together.
4. Drag and drop the following elements from the kit folder into the canvas:
Element 59
Element 8
Element 45
Element 12
Element 23- 221x200, duplicate
Element 25- 166x278
Element 39
Element 24
Element 35
Element 64- 229x249, rotate tool 69%, duplicate, flip
Element 33- 188x137, drop shadow with same settings as prior
Element 51
Element 54- 130x121, add drop shadow with same settings as prior
Element 55
Arrange all appropriately.
5.  Drag and drop another Paper 10 into the canvas then drag it down to the bottom of the layers box (R click-ADD ALPHA CHANNEL).  Drag and drop Vix_Mask435 & RR_MaskSet36_Mask3 into the canvas.  Scale Rachel's mask to 495x495 then place on left bottom side of tag. Go to COLORS>INVERT then LAYER>TRANSPARENCY>COLOR TO ALPHA. Do this to both mask layers.  Your layers box will look like the screenshot below.
 Duplicate and flip the copy of Vix's mask, place each on the top sides of tag then merge two mask layers together. R click, ALPHA TO SELECTION then click on Paper 8 in layers box to activate that layer and go to SELECT>INVERT and EDIT>CLEAR.
Your paper 8 is now a duplicate of the mask.  See that in the screenshot right above?  With the original mask, go to COLORS>INVERT to make it white.  Place the white at top back and paper mask in the middle back of the tag.  Do the same thing with Rachel's mask, duplicate, flip, arrange, merge, ALPHA TO SELECTION, SELECT>INVERT and EDIT>CLEAR.  
Click on the little eye next to the original mask layer to make it an invisible layer, or delete.  
6.  Crop your tag, Right click on your Background layer in layers box and ALPHA TO SELECTION, go to IMAGE>CROP TO SELECTION. Then delete the Background layer.
7.  Add your name to the tag!  I'm using a font called Frosting for Breakfast in red.  R click on that layer, ALPHA TO SELECTION to SELECT>GROW by 3, add a new transparent layer and fill with white, add drop shadow with same settings as you used before PLUS add a drop shadow with settings at 2/2/2
8.  Save your tag as .xcf first so you can go back in and make layer by layer alterations if the need arises.  Then when you're happy save as .png and you're done!  Woohoo.  Awesome tag there.

Thanks for checking out my tutorial!
Here's a  FREEBIE Facebook Cover that I made with the same kit as the tutorial, Flurry of Fun by Creative Scraps by Crys.  You're welcome to use it!  Just do not change or add to it, and do not claim it as your own!


Click HERE to read my TOU.