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Freebie CU Heart Cookie

Here is a commercial use freebie for you all- it's a heart cookie that I made and I am also gonna show you how I made it!
If you don't know how to make a heart shape in Gimp, I have a tutorial for that HERE.
All you need to do is open your heart shape, then colorize it to a color you'd think crust would be.  Add some texture to it... I am using the slate preset pattern in Gimp.  Just right click on the heart shape, ALPHA TO SELECTION, add new layer, click on the pattern in pattern box below layer box and then click the fill tool and fill within the new layer. 

Then click on the MODE arrow and choose OVERLAY.

Duplicate the layer.  SELECT>NONE.
Right click on the top layer and choose MERGE VISIBLE LAYERS.
Now go to FILTERS>DECOR>ADD BEVEL.  Set it around 10 or so.
Next, click on the free select tool (looks like a lasso) and start drawing around the inside of the heart.
You want this to be "messy" because this is going to be your frosting layer.  Go all around it and connect the ends.  The selection will blink like marching ants when ready.  Add a new layer, and fill the inside with white.  Then SELECT>NONE.  Next, go to FILTERS>BLUR>GAUSSIAN BLUR with settings as shown in the image below.
Click OK then go to FILTERS>DECOR> ADD BEVEL with levels at 5.  Right click and MERGE VISIBLE LAYERS.
Now create a new layer and use the rectangle select tool to make a small selection. Then go to SELECT>GROW by 4 or more to make it look like a sprinkle!  Fill that layer in with your choice of color.  I am using a green shade.  Then use the rotate tool and duplicate the layer and just place a whole bunch of them all over the frosting.  Wen you have them where you like, click the eye button on the cookie to make it invisible. Right click on the sprinkle layer on top and MERGE VISIBLE LAYERS.  Now all the sprinkles are in one layer.  You can repeat this step again with another color or shape (I added circles too).
So I want to add some shine to these, so what I did- there are other ways to do this but I like the results this way- is right click ALPHA TO SELECTION and filled a new layer with white.  Then I moved it so just a sliver of the white was off of the sprinkles- I added a drop shadow just so you can see where the white is exactly.

Then right click on the color sprinkle again and ALPHA TO SELECTION, click on the white layer to make it active in layers box and go to EDIT>CLEAR.  Drag the white layer over to look like it has light reflected on it.  Then slide the opacity down a bit. Here's a close up of what the sprinkles will look like.
When you're finished, merge your layers and save your work!  Now you have a yummy treat after all that work.  Good job lol :D
My cookie is available to download for commercial use... Just click the preview below to get your copy!  Leave a thanks if you like this freebie and tutorial :) 

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CU New Years Mix

This pack of Commercial Use OK PSD templates is perfect for all your New Years scrapping needs... There is a banner template with wordart, a firework template, a party horn template, a party hat template with wordart and a paper template.  Fully customizable.  Adding to stores now, so you can get your copy of these templates soon!

2013 New Year Scrapkit- Champagne & Chocolate PLUS A CU FREEBIE!

Here is my New Year kit called Champagne & Chocolate!  I am uploading it to all the stores I sell at tonight :)  It is PERSONAL USE ONLY and has 12 papers and 52 elements.  I hope you like it!
I also made a bell template, so everybody can ring in 2013!  This bell template, and png example is commercial use friendly.  Please do not share, just direct others to my blog if they'd like a copy of the bell.  And leave some love if you download! 


Of Christmas' Past Forum Set Tutorial

Here is a forum set that I made using the PTU kit called Of Christmas' Past by Creative Scraps by Crys and a Pics For Design bonus tube by Zlata_M. Tubes from PFD require a license to be displayed when using the art.     I am going to give you a tutorial on how to make this forum set in Gimp.
1.  Open a new image 600 x 250 then drag and drop Papers 16, 13 and 6 into the canvas.  Right click on each paper layer and choose ADD ALPHA CHANNEL.  Then right click on the background layer and choose ALPHA TO SELECTION go up to IMAGE>CROP TO SELECTION.  Now all the layers should be 650 x 250.  Now you want to make the outside frame, so go to SELECT>SHRINK by 4 and click on the Paper 6 layer in the layers box to make it the active layer and  EDIT>CLEAR, SELECT>NONE and again right click on the background layer and ALPHA TO SELECTION, click on Paper 13 to make active, SELECT>SHRINK by 7 and EDIT>CLEAR.  Add noise to this layer by going to FILTERS>NOISE>RGB NOISE with only correlated checked and levels at 20/20/20/0.  Merge Paper 6 and Paper 13 together by right clicking and choosing MERGE DOWN, rename this layer "FRAME". 
2.  Now drag and drop the following elements from the kit:
35- duplicate and move to left
3- duplicate and move to left
frame 4
23- duplicate and scale down
20- duplicate and flip and move to left
You may have to scale a few elements down just a bit to get them proportionate.
Within the frame, I clicked inside using the  fuzzy select tool and SELECT>GROW by 15 then SELECT>INVERT and clicked on the layers in the layer box that appeared inside and hit EDIT>CLEAR.
Using the text tool, write your message to santa over the scroll, I used a font called Precious.
3.  Add a drop shadow to elements 20 & copy, 55 and 32 by going to FILTERS>LIGHT AND SHADOW>DROP SHADOW with settings at 5/5/10.
4.  Add the tube of your choice,  keep it large and place as the layer right above the Paper 16 layer.  Make a duplicate and click on the eye next to it to make it invisible in the layers box.  Working on the visible tube layer, click MODE and choose OVERLAY.  Now unclick the eye to make the duplicate visible again and move above element 32 (santa scroll), duplicate the layer and click the MODE arrow and select SCREEN which will make it glow a bit, just slide the opacity slider in the layers box down if it appears too strong.  Remember at this step to also include the correct copyright info- copyright symbol, artist's name, website and license number when applicable.
5.  Write your name on your tag, I used the font called Chanel in red and gave it noise with same settings as step 1, right click, ALPHA TO SELECTION, grow by 2. Add new layer, fill with white and add a drop shadow.  Save your tag as .xcf so you may be able to go back within layer by layer to make any necessary changes to the tag if you need to.  When you're satisfied with your tag, save it as a .png.
FOR THE AVATAR- just a few changes...  Add a new layer, scaled at 200 x 200, white!  Position this layer above the tube layer, then move the tube layers down below element 12 (snow drift).  Right click on the new white layer you've made and ALPHA TO SELECTION then up to IMAGE>CROP TO SELECTION.  Drag and drop Paper 13 and 6 back into this canvas, and repeat the same steps for these papers as you did in step one for the banner.  Add copyright- in avatars, artist's name and your license is all that's needed.  Add your name.  Save it as .xcf so you can make changes if need be, and when done save as .png.  You're done! 
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial :)


CU4CU Cornucopia Template FREEBIE

I made this cornucopia and wanted to offer it to others for commercial use purposes.  You can use it pretty much any way you wish, and reoffer it as commercial use.  All I ask is that you credit me within your creations, and don't claim it as your own design. 
There is a PSD template to work with and a png example as well.  I hope you find some use for this!  Click the preview to download your copy :)


FTU Winter Diva Collab by Tasha, Amy & Leah- Tag Showoff

I made some tags for my friends who put out an awesome FTU collab called Winter Diva!
I also used art by Alex Prihodko which can be purchased from

Hope you gals like them <3 p="p">



Santa's Coming Tag Showoff!

Here's the tag that I made for my friend Crystal with my freebie Santa's Coming template that I just posted about LOL!
It is using the kit Santa Coming to Town by Crystal's Creations, and exclusive art by Rzhevskii from  Just wanted to show it off!  I'd love to see what you do with the template, send me your results... My email is on the TOU portion of my blog on right sidebar :)

Santa's Coming Freebie Tag Template

Check out this cute kit Crystal made called Santa Coming To Town.  You can find out where you can purchase this kit by visiting her blog here-
I made a tag template to accompany this kit!  Hope you like it- you can get it by clicking the preview below :)


Emo Bo Peep Tag Showoff

Hey everybody, just had to show off this tag I made for my good friend Rabid Bunny!  It is using the Emo Bo Peep kit.  It is so different and fun to play with, so you should check out all of the Bunny's cool creativeness on her blog-



Thankful Gimp Tutorial with Zebrush Art

For this tag, you will want to get the PTU kit by Crystal's Creations called Thanksgiving Special.  You can find it at the stores she sells at.  She has alot of awesome freebies on her blog as well!  Check it out-
Your tube of choice.  The one I used is by Zebrush and is an exclusive that I got at Using art from this site requires one to also have a license and display it when using the art. 
I used a FTU mask in the huge mask pack from Creative Misfits right HERE by StaciRosa
The template is FTU from Brutal Designs- circle template 3 HERE
Let's get started!
1.  Open Gimp, then drag and drop the following papers into the canvas, making sure you right click and ADD ALPHA CHANNEL to each:
 Paper 11
Paper 12
Paper 9
Paper 2
2.  Drag and drop your mask and scale to 740x740 then go to COLORS>INVERT and LAYER>TRANSPARENCY>COLOR TO ALPHA  then right click on this layer and ALPHA TO SELECTION.  Click paper 11 in layers box to make it active and then go to SELECT>INVERT and EDIT>CLEAR.  The paper is now the mask so you can delete the original mask layer.
3.  Drag and drop the template into the canvas.  First thing I did was colorize black circle right layer and the pink circle left and pink circle right to a mossy shade.  I added noise to the last 2 *originally pink) by going to FILTERS>NOISE>RGB NOISE with the settings on correlated and alpha at 70.  Then colorized the pink rectangle layer and the purp rectangle layers to a sandy color.  For the other layers, you will want to substitute the papers you dropped into that canvas earlier.  All you do is the same exact thing you did in the last step of changing the mask to the paper.  ALPHA TO SELECTION on the template layer, SELECT>INVERT and EDIT>CLEAR on the paper layer.  For the paper 2 layers, I colorized them to a brown shade.  Add drop shadows to your layers to add depth.  Go to FILTERS>LIGHT & SHADOW>DROP SHADOW with settings at 0/0/15.
4.  Add the following elements and scale and place:
Element 9 duplicate
Element 11 duplicate
Element 28- Duplicate and flip
Element 4
Element 24
Element 30
Element 32
Element 3
Element 7
Element 12
Element 18
Element 20
When these are placed where you like, just add a drop shadow with settings at 3/3/9
5.  Add your tube, make a couple duplicates first before you start changing it up... Click the eye in the layers box so it's not visible while you're working on the first tube layer.  I just used the fuzzy select tool within the inside frame of the film layer of template the went to SELECT>GROW by 1 then clicked on the tube layer in layers box and SELECT>INVERT and EDIT>CLEAR.  You may have to EDIT>UNDO a few times just to get it the way you like it to look.  Add drop shadows to the front tube layer to make it stand out.  Make sure at this time you also include the copyright info- a copyright symbol, the artist's name, website and license number should be clearly legible. 
6.  Add the text you want to the tag with whatever font you choose.  I am using a font called Standing Tall in a nice light beige color.  I duplicated it and added noise with same settings as before.  Then I added a drop shadow to the original text layer with settings at 1/1/2 and duplicated the shadow. 
7.  Save your work as .xcf so you can go back in layer by layer and make necessary changes.  When you are satisfied with the tag, just save as .png
Thanks for checking out this tutorial :)

Christmas Carnival & I Heart Santa- Freebie Cluster

Here are two new Christmas themed kits for you!  You can find them at the stores I sell my creations at- just look on the left sidebar here on my blog there are links to where I sell!  They are personal use only and tagger sized. The first, Christmas Carnival, is inspired by all the yummy treats we have during the season.  The second, I Heart Santa, is pretty self-explanatory LOL :D  Santa is awesome!  I also made a freebie cluster frame with this kit.  Click on it to download.  It is personal use only, as well.  Hope you like them, leave some holiday love if you do :)


2 CU Winter Mix Packs in Stores!

Here's two commercial use packs I have put together for your winter scrapbooking needs.  You can purchase them at ART or Twilight Scraps
I have decided that I will only be selling my scrapkits for now, not my CU items at Heartbeatz Creationz and should be having a couple new kits very soon to show everyone :) 
If you want to see how the above CU items fit into a kit, most of them were used in my PTU kit from last year called A Winter Wish which is available in both full size and tagger size at all the stores I sell at. 


I've Got A Secret Cluster Frame Freebie

I made this cluster frame with the gorgeous kit called I've Got A Secret by Creative Scraps by Crys. There are alot of possibilities with this kit, and I was thinking you could use even some winter tubes with it, especially the ones dressed in Santa garb :)  I chose this cute Ellie Milk tube that was a PFD exclusive.  You can check out more Ellie Milk tubes at
If you download, please leave some love and do not share with others, just direct them to this post if they'd like a copy of the cluster frame as well. 

FTU Halloween Collab at Creative Scraps by Crys

I made a couple tags with this fun free to use Halloween collab between Creative Scraps by Crys and Sweet Craving Scraps.  Wanted to show them off :)  I know Halloween is over, but it is my favorite holiday... And these kits are so cute and FREE! 

Native November Tag Showoff!

Just wanted to show off a tag I made with my FTU kit Native November, which you can get HERE and with the art of FourXDesigns which you can purchase HERE.  If you use this tube, or any other tubes from you must also have a license and display that on your finished creation.
I'd love to see the tags you make with my kits.  My email is located on the right sidebar in my TOU section :)


FTU Native November- Matches Tomahawk by FXD

Here is a FREE to use kit I have made to match the amazing Native American tube called "Tomahawk" by Four X Designs:
You can purchase this tube HERE
My kit, Native November has 8 papers and 42 elements.  It is PERSONAL USE ONLY.  Do not share it, just direct others here to my blog to download the kit themselves.  Click the preview above to get your copy... or you can download HERE. I would love to see the tags you have made with it :) 


Facebook Timeline Cover with Black Friday!

Here is a timeline cover I made with my kit called Black Friday!  You can find out how to get this kit, and download the freebie add-on by clicking HERE.  I used some Ismael Rac tubes that I purchased from and added them in... I think they look great, what do you think?
You can use any photo or tube you would like to use!  Please send others here to get this themself, if they'd like it and do not share. 

Autumn Coming Facebook Timeline Cover

Here is a Facebook timeline cover that I made using the fab kit called Autumn Coming by Crystal's Creations! You can find more info about this fabulous fall PTU kit HERE.  Just click on the cover to enlarge it then right click and save, then you can add your own photo to it :) 


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