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Spring Templates at Creative Misfits and Another...

There are some AWESOME spring templates up over at Creative Misfits! I made one that's a part of the bunch... Just click HERE to check it out! Great job, as always, Misfits!

And here's another one you can get right now- just click on preview to go to 4shared! Dropshadow on preview only. Please leave me some love if you download :) xoxox


PiNk Tag Tutorial with "Sexy Phone" by Celinart

To make this tag in Gimp, you need to use my template- go HERE to download.

Get the FTU scrapkit "Pimp My Swag" you can get that from Designs by Vaybs HERE.

And I used the tube called "Sexy Phone" from Celinart, you need to purchase her at MPT HERE.

1. Open up template and then open as layers the "Pimp My Swag" kit. Get paper 18 and go to LAYER>TRANSPARENCY>ADD ALPHA CHANNEL... and duplicate the layer. Then right click on left black circle layer in template and choose Alpha to Selection. Click back on paper then go to SELECT>INVERT then click on the paper layer and go to EDIT>CLEAR. Repeat this step with the right black circle on template.

2. Open as layers DBV "Pimp My Swag" and element 19 then resize to 540 x 172. Duplicate and flip the copy. Keep these above the paper layers you just replaced the black circles with.

3. Get element 35 in the "Pimp My Swag" kit and resize to 574 x 425. Duplicate and flip the copy. Place under all layers.

4. Get element 56 in the "Pimp My Swag" kit and resize to 455 x 393. Duplicate and flip the copy. Move it above the layer you worked with in step 3.

5. Merge down the 4 layers- both of element 35 and both of element 56.

6. Use the rectangle select tool to crop off the bottom portion of the new merged layer. Just the part showing below the template. SELECT>NONE. Duplicate this layer. Then go to the rotate tool and plug in 180 and hit enter. Make sure this layer looks proportionate with the other.

7. Get the Celinart tube opened as layers and place in front of big pink layer in template. Then right click big black and choose Alpha to Selection. SELECT>INVERT and then click on the tube layer and EDIT>CLEAR. Change the opacity to 58 or 59.

8. Open the tube layer up again as layers and scale layer to 201 x 360. Place appropriately.

9. Add your text of choice. I used a font called aaaiight in black then just added 2 transparent layers. Alpha to Selection the black text, SELECT>GROW by 2, click new layer and bucket filled with white then did it all again with pink. I added noise by going to FILTERS>NOISE>RGB and kept the settings at 20/20/20/0.

10. Add drop shadows to the tube that is whole (the one that wasn't cropped) and to the bottom (pink) layer of text. My settings usually stay at 4/4/9.


Hope you enjoyed this tut! I'd love to see your try! My email is to the left, feel free to send me the tag you made :) xoxox


3 Free Easter Themed Templates

I thought we all could use a few templates for Easter next month...
I know many celebrate this holiday religiously so I hope some get use out of my cross template! I think Mosaic crosses are very pretty :)
Review my TOU on my blog when downloading my creations. Click the preview to go to 4shared. If you download these templates, please leave me a note :) xoxox


Wavy Retro Template Freebie

Click the preview above to download this template from 4shared!
Please leave me a comment if you like it & download :) xoxox
Here is a tag that I made with it :)


Gimp Tag Tutorial with "Charity Japan" Scrapkit

The devastating earthquake and tsunami that crippled Japan a couple weeks ago has claimed over 10,000 lives and injured thousand more while others are still unaccounted for... It is a tragedy and aid is needed for those afflicted. I recommend contacting the American Red Cross because they will know what is needed and how you can help.

I made a tag with the kit "Charity Japan" from AW Designs which will be released April 1st and you can purchase it HERE or HERE. Wonderful kit! Thank you Annette :)

The tube used is by Popeye Wong and is FTU! You can find her at

To get started:

1. Open new image 600 x 600, make transparent- LAYERS>TRANSPARENCY>COLOR TO ALPHA

2. Open as layers- paper 8 (pink) and scale layer to 500 x 500. Right click on layer and choose Alpha to Selction then go to SELECT>SHRINK by 50. Go to EDIT>CLEAR then SELECT>NONE.

3. Make a new layer. Use the rectangle selection tool to make a square inside the square you just made with the paper 8. Fill new layer with a light yellow color. Go to SELECT>SHRINK by 50 and EDIT>CLEAR and SELECT>NONE. Go to FILTERS>NOISE>RGB NOISE- settings at 20/20/20/0

4. Click on the paper 8 layer agian. Use the rectangle selection tool to make a tall rectangle that fits on top and bottom of that square. EDIT>CLEAR, SELECT>NONE

5. Open as layers paper 5 and scale to fit nicely behind the two other layers.

6. Open as layers element 19 (bamboo) to 121 x 218 and tuck between "gold" layer and paper 5 then duplicate and flip to put on other side.

7. Open as layers element 38 (pagoda), scale to 142 x 148. Place it also between the layers I just mentioned.

8. Next, I took the element 42 (bamboo) and scaled it to 136 x 137 and then duplicated it twice and stacked them on top of each other, then merged the 3 layers together to make one long bamboo pole... then places it over on the left side.

9. Open as layers element 23 (pink flower) and scale to 188 x 156. Place on left above the bamboo layer in step 8.

10. Open as layers element 17 (chopstick) and scale to 131 x 333. Duplicate then move copied layer in favorable position (I rotated mine by a little bit).

11. Open as layers element 35 (rice bowl) and scale to 135 x 81 then tuck behind chopstick's layer.

12. Add your tube of choice. I used Popeye Wong's "Beginning So Far" which I thought was perfect :) Scale your tube to appropriate size.

13. Open as layers the element dream 28 and resize to 106 x 103. Place in upper left corner.

14. Type in the text using your font of choice. I used "Yama Moto" at size 55.

15. Add drop shadows on the tube and pink paper 8.

16. Don't forget all the correct copyright information on your tag!

Thanks to the artist of the tube, she is perfect! xoxox


"All That" Wordart

I was suggested to do some wordart with a darker side so here's attempt number 1! LOL
Click the preview to download from 4shared... dropshadows only on preview.
And if you like it, please leave me a comment :) xoxox

PiNk Template Freebie

Here's another template I created... Hope you like it!
Just click the preview to download from 4shared and please leave me a note if you do :) xoxox


Spring & Love Wordart

If you download my wordart please leave a comment!
Dropshadows on previews only!


"3 Rings" Freebie Template

I was thinking about my grandma tonight... And how someday I will be the grandmother, and my daughter will be the mother... And how motherhood is infinite. I made a little template, stemming from my feelings. My grandma's favorite color was purple :) Just click the preview and download from 4shared if you like it... And please leave some love if you do! xoxox

"Pretty" Wordart with Creative Misfits

I participated in another collab over at Creative Misfits! The theme was "pretty" wordart... You can go HERE to download all the awesome wordart from the collab! You rock Misfits!!!! Here's a preview of my portion:

Well, I decided to make a couple more... so if you want these, go ahead and click the preview to go to 4shared to download :) xoxox

Liebster Blog Award

I received the Liebster Blog Award from Only Amanda's Bits & Pieces a couple days ago. Thank you, it is quite an honor!

The aim of the award is to bring recognition to blogs with minimal followers. If you accept the award, you must in turn pass it along to at least 3 other bloggers but no more than 5... ones that inspire you and you feel deserve a bit more attention! The rules are to say thank you on your blog the one who passed it on to you, with a link to their blog. Pick the ones you pass the award on to, leaving a note about the award on their blog and then list them with links to their blogs...
So the 5 that I chose are as follows:


Skullz Rock Gimp Tut

I made this tag with the kit "Skullz Rock" made by Crystal's Creations, which you can purchase HERE.
I used "She is Sexy" by Ismael Rac, you can pick her up at

Let's get started :)

1. Make a new image- 640 x 400. Make it transparent by going to LAYER>TRANSPARENCY>COLOR TO ALPHA.
2. Open as layers the blue Splot in the kit and resize to 235 x 320. We want to have 6 layers of this... so duplicate and flip. Then place the copy slightly apart from the other. Duplicate copy and rotate 90 degrees. Duplicate that layer. Have these 2 touch each other in the middle. Duplicate that one and flip it then duplicate again. It should look like a big ink splot now... so tell me what do you see when you look at it? lol just kidding...
3. Open the Wire in the scrap kit. Resize to 500 x 500 and center it over the splots.
4. Open as layers the pink flame- Fire 3. Resize to 165 x 315 and duplicate and flip. Spread them apart then add a drop shadow to both of them by going to FILTERS>LIGHT AND SHADOW>DROP SHADOW and keep the numbers at 4/4/9
5. Use the rectangle selection to crop off the bottom of the wire.
6. Repeat step #3 with the black flames- Fire 4 in the scrap kit, but with these dimesions 185 x 247...
7. Open as layers Frame 5 and resize to 161 x 173, duplicate and place copy on other side.
8. Add Ribbon 2 to the frame. Resize to 168 x 46, duplicate and add to frame copy.
8. Open Frame 7 as a new layer and resize to 190 x 204. Center.
10. Add Ribbon 4 to the frame with dimensions of 192 x 52.
11. Make a black rectangle with the selection tool size 569 x 383 and move below the Frame 5 and the copy.
12. Open as layers Paper 5 and resize to 400 x 400 and then use the rectangle selection tool to crop the size of the black frame out. Go to SELECT>INVERT then EDIT>CLEAR. Place behind Frame 7.
13. Open as layers SHE IS SEXY 1 and resize to 205 x 344. Add a drop shadow. Open as layers SHE IS SEXY 1 again and place behind Frame 5 and above the black rectangle. Duplicate and flip the copy then move behind the frame copy.
14. Open as layers Star 3 and resize 95 x 91. Open Star 2 - 76 x 73. Open Star 4- 94 x 93 and rotate just a tad bit. Move Star 2 & 4 to the right side.
15. Open the Skull cap and resize to 75 x 75 and place between Star 2 & 4.
16. Open Skull 2 and resize to 104 x 79, and place on left side.
17. The font is SKULLPHABET. I used size 45 and a blue shade. Then added a layer and on the name layer, right clicked and Alpha to Selection then to SELECT>GROW by 2 and then clicked on the new layer and filled with white. Repeated and filled with black. Then chained the 3 layers together and tilted the text.
19. Crop your tag and save as png.
I hope you enjoyed this tut! If you appreciate the photos, please let me know... cuz I will continue using them :) xoxox


LOVE Tutorial

To start off this tutorial, grab my LOVE Template HERE.

I used the tube named Leah- which is a free tube from Ismael Rac, pick her up at

The kit is called "Love Letters" and made by AW Design and can be bought HERE.
The mask is Rose's Grunge Mask 2 which you can download from Creative Misfits.

And I made a special wordart for this, just right click it and save.


1. Open up the Mask and choose COLORS>INVERT then LAYER>TRANSPARENCY>COLOR TO ALPHA. Resize to 690 x 595. Duplicate the layer and flip the copy. Go to COLOR>INVERT and then FILTERS>NOISE>RGB and the settings at 20/20/20/0. Click OK. Move the masks to the bottom layer.
2. Right click on the pinkboxfront layer in template and choose Alpha to Selection, then FILE>OPEN AS LAYERS the Love Paper 6. LAYER>TRANSPARENCY>ADD ALPHA CHANNEL and then resize by LAYER>SCALE LAYER to 500 x 500. Click SELECT>INVERT and make sure you are on the Paper layer then EDIT>CLEAR. The paper should be exactly the same size as the pinkboxfront layer in template. Delete that template layer.
3. Repeat step 2 but with the whitefront circle layer of the template and use Love Paper 1.
4. Open as layers the Love Sprinkes. Resize to 205 x 285. Then right click and choose Alpha to Selection and then to SELECT>GROW by 2 and then add a new transparent layer. Place this new layer below the Love Sprinkles and choose the bucket fill tool. I used a light grew color to fill. Next, go to FILTERS>NOISE>RGB and hit OK. Move these 2 layers under the pinkfrontcircle layer of the template.
5. Open as layers the Love Brush. Resize to 475 x 545. Move this layer above the Love Sprinkes and below the pinkfrontcircle.
6. Open the wordart I made and place it in the lower right corner. Then open the Love Heart and resize to 174 x 150. Place it around the wordart. Keep these layers above the Love Sprinkes also.
7. Open the Leah 3 tube and move it in place above the pinkbackcircle. Right click that layer of template and choose Alpha to Selection then SELECT>INVERT and make sure you are on the tube layer and EDIT>CLEAR. Set transparency by moving the slider above the layers box to 45. Open the Leah 2 tube and flip it then repeat the steps above but with the Love Paper 1 layer. Open the Leah 1 tube and resize her to 220 x 583. Place her in the appropriate place.
8. Open as layers the Love Frame and resize to 515 x 520. Move this layer below the pinkbox2 layer of the template.
9. Open as layers the Love Card and resize to 170 x 105. Place it in the appropriate area.
10. I added drop shadows to the following layers: Leah 1, Love Card, Love wordart, pinkfrontcircle & pinkbox2front. To do this, go to FILTERS> LIGHT AND SHADOW> DROP SHADOW and change the settings to 4/4/9.
11. Make your text with your choice of font and place it in the Love Card. I used Vladimir Script.
13. Use the rectangle select tool to crop the final product and go to LAYER>CROP TO SELECTION. Save your work.
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! I'd love to see your take on it! You can send it to me HERE!
Thanks for viewing :) xoxox

LOVE Template Freebie

Here's a free template! Check back later today for a tutorial with it :) Click the preview to download from 4shared... and if you download, please leave me a little note! It really makes my day when I know someone enjoys my work! xoxox


Spring Template and a Tag for Artmama

I am loving the spring vibes traveling thru the air! It is inspiring to me, the season of regrowth... Here's a template I made and I created a tag for Artmama today with it- she has alot of freebie kits and I know they have been handy for me a few times :) Visit her blog! The tube came from Anita Lee's Creations, another great resource for freebies! Click on the preview below to download the template from 4shared! And if you download, please leave a note for me :) xoxox


Freebie Easter Cluster Frame

I made this adorable lil cluster frame from the Bunny Hop kit over at Crystal's Creations and wanted to offer it here to snag! The wordart is separate in case you don't like it. Click on the preview to go to 4shared! If you download, please leave some love!


LUCKY Cluster Frame Freebie

Thanks to for the Wish Me Luck scrapkit, I created this cute cluster frame. Go ahead and snag it, the wordart is separated in case you don't like it. Click the preview to download from 4shared. Please leave a comment if you download!

And here is the slideshow siggy I made with mine :) Thanks for looking! xoxox


Lil Bit Emo Template and Tutorial

Hey... Here's a new freebie for you to enjoy! Go ahead and snag this template from 4shared by clicking on the preview.

Open it up in Gimp, then go get the scrap kit called Grunge It Up from 4Shared HERE.

Erase all elements but the Doodle, Paper 5, Jeweled Star String and the Staples. Move the Doodle element to the bottom layer. Resize it so it fits snugly around the template.

Next, right click in the layers box on the left white circle and click on Alpha to Selection. Duplicate the paper layer and move it so it is surrounding the white circle. While on the circle layer, go to SELECT>INVERT. Then click on the paper layer and EDIT>CLEAR. Repeat this process with the other white circle layer on the template. We'll worry about the other scrapkit layers later on, so just make them invisible for now by clciking on the little eye on eash layer in the layer box.

I love the blue haired Emo tube from Celine Bonnet! You can purchase her (in 8 different layers!) at This is how I used the tube:

1. open the tube as a new layer above all other layers and place it in a favorable position over the front white rectangle in the template.

2. right click on the white front layer and choose Alpha to Selection. Then SELECT>INVERT on template layer and EDIT>CLEAR on tube layer. This should leave you with the tube in the box only. If you mess up, just EDIT>UNDO until it is right.

3. lower the transparency to 47...

4. open the tube again as a new layer and resize by going up to LAYER>SCALE LAYER and get it set to 153 width by 393 height and place it in a favorable position on your template.

Make the staples layer from the scrapkit visible again and duplicate the layer then flip the copy. Place them on each side to look like they are holding together the template.

Grab the Grunge Masks from Creative Misfits HERE and use Crystal's second mask. Resize it to a size you feel comfortable with. While still on the mask layer, right click and choose Alpha to Selection. Then SELECT>GROW set the number to 2. Add a new layer and click on it. Then fill it with a blue shade. Go to FILTERS>NOISE>RGB. I keep the RGB levels set to 20 and the Alpha layer at 0.

Make the jeweled star string layer visible again and resize it by going to LAYER>SCALE LAYER. Set at 273 width by 59 height. Place it so it looks like it wraps around everything between it and the white front layer of the template.

I used the font called BULLET IN YOUR HEAD and for this, I recommend keeping the size between 60-80 depending on how long the name is... Right click the text layer in the layers box, and choose Alpha to Selection. Then SELECT>GROW to 2. Add a new layer, fill it with a shade of blue. Then add a drop shadow by going to FILTERS>LIGHT AND SHADOW>DROPSHADOW and set it at 5, 5 and 10. Chain link the 3 layers and click on the rotate tool in the tool box. Then tip your text so it's slightly diagonal. Move it so it's just where you want it.

The last step is don't forget to add the copyright information into your tag! Credit the artist and type in the artist's website as well as your license number if applicable :)

Your tag should be completed! Hope you had fun... Here's my tag :)

And here is one just for the artist! Check her blog out!
Please leave a comment if you enjoyed this post or if you snagged the template! I would also love to see anything you made with this template or tutorial! Just leave me a note where I can go to see it :) Thanks! xoxox


NEED ANOTHER Freebie Template & Tutorial

Hey :) This is the first Gimp tutorial I am blogging! It is something most beginner Gimpers can do!

First we are going to start with this template... click on the preview and download from 4shared.

Open it in Gimp (which you can download from HERE) and add your choice of mask to the background. I chose some Grunge masks from Creative Misfits... The ones I used were Sabine's 2nd mask and Jenny's 4th mask. And this is how I used them:

1. open 1st mask and resize to fit in working space (just slighter larger than template) then click COLORS>INVERT and then LAYER>TRANSPARENCY>COLOR TO ALPHA which will leave the mask black and transparent. Move down to bottom layer by dragging the selection down in the layers box.

2. change the color of the 2nd mask by going to COLORS>COLORIZE and just moving the levels to where you want them to be. To add noise to the mask, click FILTERS>NOISE>RGB NOISE. I keep the RGB levels usually set to 20 and the alpha usually set to 0. Move this layer to the bottom also.

The next step is to find a shamrock to dress up the tag. I just the font called kr_shams. But you can use any shamrock you want to use... I made the shamrock black then right clicked it in the layers box and clicked ALPHA TO SELECTION. Then with that selected, I went up to SELECT>GROW and changed the number to 4. I added a new layer and put it just below the shamrock layer. Then I picked a green shade and filled it with the bucket fill tool. If you duplicate the layer, you can add this over and over, wherever you see fit... But I only duplicated it once then used the flip tool to get the shamrock in the position I wanted.

For the BLACK FRONT layer of the template, I erased every other row and all you have to do to get that effect is go to FILTERS>DISTORT>ERASE EVERY OTHER ROW. Choose Rows & Even.

I got some wordart from Simply Siobhan's, which had to be changed to psd format in PSP before being able to be opened in Gimp. But it is the best Irish wordart I have ever seen, so it was worth all the trouble :) You can pick that up HERE!

I thought the Drink Up tube from was perfect for this tag! To get the face in the circles:

1. move the face of the tube above the circle layer and change the transparency to 60.

2. right click on circle layer and choose ALPHA TO SELECTION.

3. go to SELECT>INVERT and make sure you select the tube layer then go to EDIT>CLEAR

If you screw up, just go to EDIT>UNDO until you get it right...

4. MAKE SURE to place the tube of choice's copyright info and license number if applicable on the tag.

Write your name or whoever's name you want on your tag. I used the Erin Go Braugh font and you can get that HERE. If you want to add a drop shadow to the font, like I did, all you have to do is click on FILTERS>LIGHT AND SHADOW>DROP SHADOW then lower the offset X to 4, as well as the offset y. And lower the blur radius to 8. Click OK...

Save your tag as a png file since it has a transparent background! I would love to see any tags you make with this! You can email it to me HERE! Or direct me to where you have it stored so I can see it! I hope you had fun making it :)

Here is the final product!


Click HERE to read my TOU.