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How to Make a Heart in Gimp

 Here is a quick and easy tutorial for anyone who uses Gimp.  You can make your own heart :)
First, just create a rectangle using the rectangle select tool... Fill it in with whatever color you'd like your heart to be.
Then make a new layer and create an oval, I filled with black to show the contrast.  Position this oval (rotate and move tool) so that it is just under the top of the rectangle and just coming thru in the center of the bottom left angle.  If you lower the opacity slider, it may make it easier for you to position properly (see third screenshot).

Now right click on the oval layer in the layers box and choose ALPHA TO SELECTION.  You'll see marching ants around the selection... Click once on the rectangle layer to make it the active layer.  Go to SELECT>INVERT and EDIT>CLEAR.  You should have what looks like half a heart.  Well just duplicate the layer and use the flip tool to make the other half. 
Zoom in so you can line it up right. Put the two together and then right click on the layer in layers box and choose MERGE DOWN.

Now that ou have your heart, you can scale it to fit the project you're working on.  See how I made a multi-layered heart? 

Hope you liked this tutorial :)  thanks for viewing!


Custom Graphics

I'm happy to help you with your design needs! Feel free to EMAIL me to discuss custom graphics. Please fill out this form to expedite your interest in my services:


All my creations were made with my own ideas. If my designs resemble other designs, it is purely coincidental. Please feel free to use my PERSONAL USE creations for personal use only and my COMMERCIAL USE creations for personal and/or commercial use :) Do not claim my creations as your design. Reoffering my files OR reselling my personal use items is not allowed. Read the TOU within the downloadable files for full details.
If you post my designs in your online group, please be sure to also post a link directly to my blog.
If you have any questions about my creations just email me!

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