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My 2nd Slideshow Siggy

My 1st Slideshow Siggy


Making Siggies

I am so thankful for the person that created the "siggy." Many sites allow the user to embed a signature after the writing they do, i.e. email messages, social networking forum posts... If the person responsible for coming up with the idea of making a personalized design to mark your words didn't exist, then I would have never found this enchanting world of digi-scrapping!

I spend a couple hours daily just looking around, getting inspired and then find myself wanting to stay up all night to create my masterpieces, lol. I am not surprised if others feel that exact way! Anyways, I want to get a couple things together and show you so I'll be back!



I absolutely love their girly accessories! You should check them out, click the Born2Impress button on my page:) If you get a chance to follow them on Facebook also!/pages/Born2Impress-Handmade-Children-Accessories/112920342073006, go into their photo contest photo album and vote for my girl- Khloe Jennelle, look for the pic like the one below and write a comment under it saying you vote... just make sure you get your vote in before May 30th!


My Blog Button

Well today I made a blog button... however, it isn't as perfect as I want it to be yet. I really am hoping that I will have it up by the end of this week so you can snag it to show off on your blog/website too:) Come back here to my place and check up on my progress soon!



This is the first mask I made. I want to share it with everyone. Since I am new at blogging, I probably need to make a file sharing account so you can pick it up to use! Not exactly sure... Maybe you are able to pick it up without? I am sure there will be more masks and other stuff to come very soon!


The Beginning Blog...

Wow~ here I am blogging now, how exciting! It's May 10th, 2010!

I have plenty of things to bring up on this blog and they will reveal themselves at the appropriate moments, hopefully, lol.

The main reason I want to blog is because in just the last month or two I have become obsessed with digi-scrapping and just everything you can use as part of the elements of making masterpieces... I plan to share my work with others here soon! So if you stick around you may find some inspirations that you have been looking for and didn't even know!

Custom Graphics

I'm happy to help you with your design needs! Feel free to EMAIL me to discuss custom graphics. Please fill out this form to expedite your interest in my services:


All my creations were made with my own ideas. If my designs resemble other designs, it is purely coincidental. Please feel free to use my PERSONAL USE creations for personal use only and my COMMERCIAL USE creations for personal and/or commercial use :) Do not claim my creations as your design. Reoffering my files OR reselling my personal use items is not allowed. Read the TOU within the downloadable files for full details.
If you post my designs in your online group, please be sure to also post a link directly to my blog.
If you have any questions about my creations just email me!

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